1. You too can discover fossils like me.

  2. My goofy cat playing with his favourite toy. A simple broken shoe string

  3. Best opening credit EVER!

  4. Holy Lego.

  5. I am not generally a huge fan of graphic novels. But when the art work is this good and a story line that is amazing I can’t help but live it

  6. Let the games begin

  7. Niagara Falls. Gorgeous as always

  8. If only you could taste this. Best cantaloupe ever

  9. It is FINISHED.

  10. After a good day after so many bad days I came home to this. I think he was comfy

  11. 3 hours of work on the millennium falcon. Lots still to do

  12. Red Robin yuuummm (at Red Robin- Christiana)

  13. Can figure out the meaning of life but can’t work a can opener

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  15. lotr meme: ten scenes [5/10] → the lighting of the beacons

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